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Emily responds to the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill

The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill should have been an opportunity to take steps to repair the damage done to the criminal justice system. Instead the Government chose to focus their efforts on protecting statues, instead of women, and clamping down on legitimate forms of protest.  Whilst the positive, long overdue, steps taken to…
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Emily Responds to Liverpool Council Investigation

LIke many of you, I have spent the last week digesting the recent investigation report and the implications for the Council. When I first read the report I was angry and incredibly disappointed. That a minority of individuals abused their position and sought to undermine Council processes is deeply upsetting. I know that the majority…
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Emily Responds to the use of Stop and Search

The biggest power a PCC has is the oversight and scrutiny of police decision making and that’s where I think I can make the biggest impact on how the police operate. As PCC I want to introduce a programme of scrutiny that ensures transparency in police decision making, including recruiting independent community members to sit…
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Getting police back on the streets at heart of manifesto

Emily Spurrell, Labour’s candidate for Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner, has today released her manifesto – pledging to put communities and victims at the heart of policing across the Merseyside, while fighting for more funding from Central Government. Since 2010 police funding cuts have meant Merseyside Police have lost over 800 police officers, almost 300…
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Make Misogyny a Hate Crime

Emily has today written to the Chief Constable of Merseyside Police calling on the police to start recording misogyny as a hate crime.  The letter, signed by Councillors and MPs from across Merseyside, said; ‘Dear Chief Constable Andy Cooke,  We are writing to you today on behalf of women across the region who have been…
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Emily Spurell for PCC Rally

Emily Spurrell chosen as the Labour Party candidate for Merseyside Police and Crime Comissioner

I am delighted to have won the nomination to be Labour’s candidate in next year’s Police and Crime Commissioner elections here in Merseyside.  It has been a privilege to speak to so many people over the last three years, and especially the last six weeks of this selection process, about policing and criminal justice. I…
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