My Pledges

Keep Victims at the Heart of Everything I Do

Our criminal justice system was designed to punish offenders, but the victims of crime are so often overlooked. The trauma of some crimes can last for years, and the way some victims are treated after reporting a crime can end up re-victimising them.

I want to ensure all victims get the support they need to recover from their experience. Designing a justice system that takes account of their needs is vital.

I will establish a victims' panel to ensure the voices of victims & survivors are heard at every stage of the criminal justice system
I will work with victims' support agencies to secure additional funding and build capacity so victims get support when they need it
I will ensure every victim can give feedback about their experiences to improve the response from police and other criminal justice agencies

Restore Confidence in the Criminal Justice System

I believe that if we create real opportunities for individuals to have their voices heard we can change the system for the better.
That means listening to the victims of crime – understanding how we allow them to engage and feel supported by the police or the courts.

It means understanding the motivation behind offenders, treating them as individuals so that the underlying cause of their offending can be addressed.

It means making sure the Police are transparent and accountable for their decision making. Making sure those communities who often feel overlooked get the chance to challenge and feel protected.

I will hold regular scrutiny panels, with members of the public, to hold the Chief Constable and senior officers accountable for police performance
I will focus on early intervention and rehabilitation to reduce the number of people jailed for short-term sentences
Regularly review complaints made against the police and monitor outcomes of internal investigations

Fight for a Fair Funding Settlement

Merseyside has been one of the worst places hit by the Tory Government’s policy of austerity. Not only has Merseyside Police lost a third of its funding, but local councils, health agencies, youth centres, third sector, probation and so many other organisations have suffered devastating funding cuts too.

This can only lead to a situation where the public is less safe.

Merseyside has unique challenges and right now there just isn’t the resource needed to properly tackle crime and keep communities safe.

It is vital that we have a strong Labour voice as PCC challenging the Government and fighting to make sure we have the money we need to keep our streets safe.

I will campaign in marginal seats, like Southport, to fight for a Corbyn-led Labour government to ensure Merseyside gets the funding we deserve
I will lead a campaign to fight the Tory government for a fair funding settlement for areas hardest hit by austerity such as Merseyside
I will support MPs and other representatives to highlight in Westminster the impact of cuts to services on local people.

Be Visible and Accountable

There is still a lot of misunderstanding about the role of the PCC and it is important that we ensure that whoever takes up the role is visible and accountable to the people of Merseyside. The PCC should be the public’s voice on policing and it is essential that they have the means of listening to the public.

The public also need to see what value having a Labour PCC can offer them in terms of challenging the austerity from Government and holding Merseyside Police to account.

I will send monthly newsletters to Labour members and visit every Merseyside CLP at least once per year
I will attend regular police surgeries to hear from members of the public on issues affecting their community
I will produce and promote an annual report of the work I’ve done including detailed accounts