Emily is proud to have the backing of Labour’s biggest affiliated unions

Unite the Union
CWU Mersey Branch

Why we’re backing Emily

Paula Barker

Paula Barker

Unison, NW Regional Convenor

“Emily is a champion for social justice and a dedicated campaigner. She’s committed to tackling inequality and ending austerity. Unison are pleased to endorse her for Police Commissioner.”

Dan Carden MP

Dan Carden

MP for Liverpool Walton

“Emily has shown her commitment to the principles and values of our movement. As a Councillor and Deputy PCC she has fought to improve the lives of Merseyside residents and I believe she will be a strong voice for the people of Merseyside.”

Mark Burns Williamson

Mark Burns-Williamson

Chair, National Association of PCCs
& Labour PCC for West Yorkshire

“I worked closely with Emily as Deputy PCC and I was impressed with her commitment to tackling modern slavery, supporting victims of crime and fighting for proper funding for Merseyside Police. I believe she’ll make a great PCC for Merseyside.”

Bill Esterson MP

Bill Esterson

MP for Sefton Central

“I was very impressed by how quickly Emily became an effective Deputy PCC. She has the ability to work with partners across our public services to keep Merseyside communities as safe as possible. Emily is well placed to do a great job despite the cuts made by this Tory government.”

Paul McGowan

Paul McGowan

Member, Liverpool Walton

“Emily, as Councillor and Deputy PCC, has visibly shown solidarity with the LGBT+ community and has supported grassroots LGBT+ organisations. Emily was also one of the few Party officials who attended, stood in solidarity and marched alongside our Trans siblings at the city’s first Trans Pride. With a willingness to reach out, listen and to and support LGBT+ groups, I believe Emily will be a strong ally for the LGBT+ community in Merseyside, somebody who will engage with the community in the role.”

Conor McGinn MP

Connor McGinn

MP for St. Helens North

“I am happy to give my support to Cllr Emily Spurrell in her campaign to become the Labour candidate for the Police and Crime Commissioner for the Merseyside City Region.

Emily has done excellent work in her role as the Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner and has visited our constituency party, Labour Group and Women’s forum throughout her time in post.

That visibility in our borough is hugely important for members and my constituents, I feel assured that Emily will continue this commitment to St Helens and Newton-le-Willows as the Police and Crime Commissioner.”

Stephen Twigg MP

Stephen Twigg

MP for Liverpool West Derby

“Emily is committed to tackling issues affecting residents in West Derby, such as scrambler bikes and road safety. She’s worked hard to engage with members of the public from across Merseyside. I’m confident she’ll be a committed Labour PCC.”

Pete Cresswell

Pete Creswell

Chair, Mossley Hill BLP

“Emily has done a fantastic job as our local councillor for the last seven years. She’s always keen to listen and take action on behalf of local residents. I’m sure she will be able to use those qualities to make a great Police Commissioner.”

Cllr Patrick Hurley

Cllr Patrick Hurley

Mossley Hill ward, Liverpool

“I’ve worked closely with Emily for many years. She’s repeatedly shown herself to be an effective, resourceful and innovative local politician. Her work standing up for communities’ interests in the face of assaults from a rotten Tory government has been outstanding. She will make a great PCC and I’ve no doubt at all that the police in Merseyside will be all the better with Emily overseeing their work.”

Cllr Anthony Lavelle

Ant Lavelle

Croxteth ward, Liverpool

“I’m proud to call Emily a friend and a colleague. I’ve seen the strength of her conviction when she took the principled decision to resign from being Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner. That’s why I believe Emily is the right person to be Police and Crime Commissioner.”

Claire McCarthy

Clare McCarthy

General Secretary, Co-operative Party

“Emily has been an active member of the Co-operative Party for many years. As a Labour and Co-operative Councillor she has worked hard to promote fairness and co-operative values, in particular her work on promoting Fairtrade and tackling modern slavery. I am confident she would be a great Labour and Coop PCC.”

Cllr Carla Thomas

Carla Thomas

St. Oswald ward, Sefton & former Chair of Merseyside Police & Crime Panel

“I’m supporting Emily Spurrell in her bid to be PCC. Emily is intelligent, hard working, articulate and has a real empathy for people. Emily will strive to put equality, fairness and social justice at the heart of her vision for policing in our region. Emily is experienced with a consistent and strong voice and qualified to lead on and deliver safer communities. She will represent all areas of our region with diligence, fairness and integrity whilst ensuring that the Police are given the support that they need.”

Jon Morris

Jon Morris

Member, Garston & Halewood CLP & Social Worker

“I believe Emily will make an excellent PCC. She understands the importance of a system wide approach to keeping our communties safe and supporting troubled families. Social workers are a key part of that work and Emily has already demonstrated her willingness to work with partners ensuring all agencies get the funding they need to get the job done.”

Sophie Linden

Sophie Linden

Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, London

“Emily’s experience as Deputy Commissioner means that she will hit the ground running – she has already proven herself to be a strong effective voice for Merseyside – challenging the government on tackling serious and organised crime as well as championing the importance of tackling violence against women and girls. She is already a respected voice on policing and crime.”

Yvonne McNamara

Yvonne McNamara

Secretary, Wirral West CLP

“Emily is committed to community safety, and I really like her particular focus on women’s safety. She did much as deputy PCC to promote this, as well as gaining valuable experience of all aspects of the PCC role. I know she will work hard for the whole community to put her experience to good use.”

Louise Ellman MP

Louise Ellman

MP for Liverpool Riverside

“I’ve worked with Emily for a number of years. She’s a brilliant local councillor, works hard to represent her constituents and is an active, committed labour party member. She’ll make a great PCC.”

Cllr Bisi Osundeko

Bisi Osundeko

Parr ward, St. Helens

“I am backing Emily Spurrell because she has consistently demonstrated that she a deep understanding of our policing needs here in Merseyside. She is very approachable, hardworking and principled. We need a PCC that we can trust wholeheartedly and Emily is our perfect choice.”

Cllr Trish Hardy

Cllr Trish Hardy

Cabinet Member for Communities and Housing, Sefton

“Emily understands that our community needs to see a strong police presence – her commitment to neighbourhood policing is why I am backing her to be the next PCC.”

Julie Ward MEP

Julie Ward

Member of the European Parliament for the North West

“Emily has a great track record for fighting for social justice, in particular, her work tackling violence against women and girls. She has a strong commitment to supporting vulnerable children and young people, aware of the need to offer alternatives to criminal activity. She has the experience, passion and values we need at the heart of 21st century policing on Merseyside.”

Peter Dowd MP

Peter Dowd

MP for Bootle

“I’m supporting Emily because I believe she can and will be a strong and visible Labour Police and Crime Commissioner across Merseyside, which is what we need. Emily knows first-hand the challenges facing Merseyside Police across the region because of the cuts imposed by 9yrs of a Tory Government, she has the strength to challenge the Government to make sure Merseyside Police have the budget to do there job in keeping our communities safe.”

James Hansen

James Hansen

Member, Bootle

“I know that Emily will be a fantastic Police and Crime Commissioner for Merseyside, she will give her upmost commitment to the role and fight passionately for the fair funding we deserve.”

George Howarth MP

George Howarth

MP for Knowsley

“I am happy to support Emily’s nomination to be our Party’s PCC candidate.
Emily has been a very good deputy in very difficult times and has always put her heart and soul into her efforts to get a better deal on police funding and improving policing for our communities.”

Angela Eagle MP

Angela Eagle

MP for Wallasey

“Emily has shown her commitment to the party’s principles of justice and equality. She has campaigned for rights of women and LGBT+ community. I’m confident she’ll work hard to represent all communities in Merseyside. I know Emily will do a fantastic job as Merseyside’s new Labour PCC.”

Cllr Sam Frost

Sam Frost

Prenton ward, Wirral

“Emily has been a committed Labour Party member for 13 years and a strong advocate for women’s rights. She has campaigned to get women elected and to increase diversity within our movement. I know she will make a fantastic PCC for Merseyside.”

Cllr Paul Stuart

Paul Stuart

Seacombe ward, Wirral

“I worked with Emily when I was cabinet member for law and order. I was impressed with her knowledge and commitment to partnership working and supporting communities across Wirral.”

Paula Nolan

Paula Nolan

CEO, Domestic Abuse Service

“I have witnessed first-hand Emily’s commitment to working with the sector to tackle Violence Against Women and Girls and her determination and hard work in raising awareness of VAWG across Liverpool and the City Region.”

Adam McNamara

Adam McNamara

Member, Liverpool Riverside CLP

“I’ve known Emily for years as a friend and comrade, while she’s been a Local Councillor and while she was Deputy PCC. In all that time and in both roles, she’s always acted on principle. She’s exactly who we need holding our police service to account, and showing the positive difference a Labour PCC can make.”

Cllr Sean Halsall

Sean Halsall

Kew ward, Sefton & Unite workplace rep

“Emily is an active campaigner and has a wealth of experience. We need forward thinking and exciting people in these positions to ensure our policing is handled in progressive and new ways.”

Cllr John Wiseman

John Wiseman

Bold ward, St. Helens & Vice Chair Unite Regional Labour Liason Committee

“I have been impressed with Emily’s knowledge of the needs of the officers, employees and public in the role of Police and Crime Commissioner.”

Chris Winwood

Chris Winwood

Usdaw NW Executive Council

“Emily would make a great Police & Crime Commissioner for Merseyside. Emily has always been very supportive of my union’s Freedom From Fear campaign. As a member of Usdaw, it is important to have a PCC who understands the impact of retail crime on the workers and our local communities and is committed to taking it seriously.”

Mick Whitley

Mick Whitley

Labour’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Birkenhead

“Merseyside Police has the challenge of tackling widespread cases of domestic abuse and sexual violence. I believe that Emily is best placed to help overcome this crisis by making sure that victims and survivors are never the ones which the police blame. I wish Emily the best of luck and I look forward to working with her in the future to benefit some of the most vulnerable people in Birkenhead.”

Cllr Jane Corbett

Jane Corbett

Assistant Mayor of Liverpool & Mayoral Lead – Fairness & Tackling Poverty

“Emily is a great campaigner and certainly not afraid to speak truth to power which is incredibly important especially in these unpredictable and worrying times.

As a long standing resident of the Everton community and representing the Everton ward since 2002 I know how important it is to have strong, fair and well resourced policing that listens hard to residents, voluntary, community and faith organisations and to businesses and responds sensitively and appropriately to their concerns. Emily will be a fantastic Police and Crime Commissioner who puts our communities first.”

Cllr James Roberts

James Roberts

Greenbank ward, Liverpool &
Vice-Chair of Merseyside Fire Authority

“I wholeheartedly endorse Emily Spurrell to be Merseyside’s next Police & Crime Commissioner. I’ve worked closely with Emily for the last eight years and seen first hand just how passionate she is about community policing and securing social justice. She is a committed socialist and trade unionist and has the police experience to hit the ground running as Merseyside’s PCC.”

Alison McGovern MP

Alison McGovern

MP for Wirral South

“Emily will be an experienced and skilful PCC. Having been out on doorsteps many times with her, she gets where Labour members and supporters are coming from, and she is a great person to work with. In Wirral, tackling domestic violence and empowering young people to grow up safely are two of our priorities – which is why I will be voting for Emily and I am asking you to do so.”

Joanne Anderson

Joanne Anderson

Member, Liverpool Riverside

“Emily, your experience as Deputy and passion to improve the lives of victims and witnesses, alongside your commitment to fight for better resources for Merseyside Police is why I am supporting your campaign.”

Bridget Griffin

Bridget Griffin

Member, Liverpool Riverside CLP
Director, Park Palace Ponies Social Enterprise

“Emily is a friendly, supportive and apporoachable campaigner. She is passionate about the work she does and a great advocate for change. I am confident she will continue to support local community projects like mine to build a safer Merseyside.”

Cllr Lindsey Melia

Lindsay Melia

Fazakerley ward, Liverpool

“Emily has been an active campaigner for social justice and raising the voices of women. She has been a dedicated, hard working Labour Councillor and I am pleased to offer my support for her to be our next PCC for Merseyside.”